Luft Krieg Companion

Luft Krieg Companion
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The War goes on! All sides are bringing in new aircraft, each one faster, tougher and better armed than the previous ones. Meanwhile, scientists turn out dozens of new systems and specialized ammunition to increase the lethality of their air forces. Valiant knights climb aboard their aircraft and take to the skies to defend the ideals of Democracy!

Luft Krieg is a tabletop air combat wargame set in an alternate world where the wonders of pulp science-fiction magazines are realities of science. Players take the part of commanders guiding their daring aces through aerial battles inspired by the Second World War. This book includes advanced rules and new aircraft to take control of the air forces of any one of seven nations to help decide the fate of the Free World!

  • Modular, easy to learn rules that provide realistic results;
  • Advanced rules for Luftfortresses, sonic weapons, new ammunition types, and much more;
  • Basic tables of organization for the air forces of Italy and France;
  • Game statistics for over 120 aircraft and combat vehicles;

A few six-sided dice, pen, paper and miniatures are required to play the game. Possession of the Luft Krieg rulebook (DP9-507) is required.

We produce a line of superscience aircraft miniatures for the game; buy them at your local store or in the Gear Krieg Online Store. SimTac also makes the Collectair micro-armor plane miniatures, which can be used for the "regular" WWII aircraft types.

DP9-511, 80 B&W + 4 color pages

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