Lightning Strike Supplement 1: Venus

Lightning Strike Supplement 1: Venus
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Most of the Solar System laughs at Venus' army. They think the corporations lack backbone, that the Venusians' Home Defense Force is a showpiece of flashy ostentation. They look at the garishly-lit warships of the Venusian Navy, and rest easy, knowing that the cosmic rug merchants of the second planet have no military might to back up their ephemeral money and stocks. Most of the Solar System believes that the veiled planet is harmless.

Most of the Solar System is dead wrong.

Behind the Veil: Venus is a supplement for the Lightning Strike Cinematic Fleet Combat System, detailing the military vehicles of the various Venusian corporations. The book also covers a number of advanced rules to give even more tactical options to Lightning Strike players.

Within these covers you will find:

  • Full rules and datacards for fielding the exo-armors, fighters, exo-suits and warships of Venus;
  • Advanced rules for new weapons, stealth systems, cargo and autonomous combat drones;
  • Two full-color counter sheets.

A copy of Lightning Strike, a few six-sided dice, pen and paper are required to use this supplement.

DP9-316, 32 pages +counters

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