Gear Krieg RPG, 2nd Edition: Player's Handbook

Gear Krieg RPG, 2nd Edition: Player's Handbook
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Colonel Kaufman looked down at the prone form of Jack Memphis and laughed, his gaunt visage appearing more skull-like than ever. "You can do nothing to stop us. Soon, Herr Doktor Hempell's research will be complete and we will have yet another weapon in our arsenal. When will you Amerikaners learn that no one can stand before the might of the Third Reich?"

But Jack knew better. If he could just reach the blade hidden in his belt, he could free himself and put an end to Kaufman's diabolical scheme -- and if he was very lucky, he might just teach that gloating Nazi a thing or two about old-fashioned Yankee know-how...


Imagine a world where war walkers and supertanks contend on the battlefield, rocket fighters duel high in the air, adventurers and super-spies battle the Nazis and superscience changes the face of the world on a daily basis. This is the world of Gear Krieg, a roleplaying game of two-fisted pulp action! This book features:

  • A detailed world background and a rich setting for daring adventures;
  • Extensive guidelines and tips for adventuring in the pulp-style Modern Age;
  • A story generator to help jump-start game sessions in the proper style;
  • Dual-stats for the powerful Silhouette CORE rule system, a highly acclaimed game engine that uses classic six-sided dice, and the widely popular d20-based rules placed under the Open Gaming License;
  • And tons of pulp-style archetypes, weapons, equipment and vehicles!

Whether it'd be intrigues under the burning sun of North Africa, the duels of a daring rocket fighter squadron or the exploits of a group of dastardly misfit Marines in the jungle hell of the Pacific, adventure is sure to be found everywhere you look!

Requires the use of the Silhouette CORE rulebook(tm) published by Dream Pod 9, Inc., or a Roleplaying Game Core Book published by Wizards of the Coast(R), Inc. You will also need a few six-sided dice, pen, paper and 2-6 players aged 12 and above. This product is compatible with previous Gear Krieg titles.

DP9-915, 256 pages hardcover
ISBN 1-894578-84-3

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