The Superscience Sourcebook

The Superscience Sourcebook
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The old man coughed and looked up with a defiant smile. ìI do not have much time left and I face a great fear. There are dark forces growing in power each passing day; any time I had to use my abilities to help stop them has passed. I donít think the Allies have the ability to effectively fight them -- now. But that can change.

ìAs you know, I have served as an advisor to the U.S. government on research and technology. And as you can plainly see, I can no longer perform this duty. If we are to be able to defend ourselves against what I believe to be the inevitable resurgence of world-wide warfare, we need a strong advisor on technology and science. Your country needs you!î

There is a world where war walkers and supertanks contend on the battlefield, and rocket fighters duel high in the air. A world where adventurers and super-spies battle the Nazis across the globe, and great evil is faced with great courage - with a little help from Science. This is the world of Gear Krieg!


This sourcebook for the Gear Krieg Roleplaying game covers the weird and wonderful inventions of the pulp genre: combat walkers, jet packs, electric guns and other ìweird scienceî devices that change the face of the world on a daily basis. The book has guidelines on how to add pulp vehicles and items in a campaign, along with hints and adventure ideas to jumpstart any game. This book features:


  • An history of Superscience in the Modern Age;
  • Overview of the major fields of research and invention;
  • Biographies of major scientists and other important characters;
  • Plot hooks and adventure seeds for all types of campaigns and locations;
  • Extensive guidelines and tips to incorporate superscience in pulp-style adventuring;
  • Sample archetypes and vehicles with datacards.

You will need a copy of Gear Krieg: the Roleplaying Game, a few six-sided dice, pen and paper to use this manual.

DP9-509, 112 B&W pages w/softcover
ISBN 1-894578-63-5

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