Vimary Sourcebook

Vimary Sourcebook
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"The Seven Tribes teach that Vimary is the only place that counts; that it is the core of a world defined by the Fatimas' love. On nights like this I wonder if they aren't right after all."

-- Altara Ven, "Visions, A Testament to the Present"


The Vimary Sourcebook is the core supplement for the entire Tribe 8 game line. In 144 pages, it details the full scope of the game's core setting, and provides countless ideas and resources for quests and cycles.




The Vimary Sourcebook includes:




  • an innovative telling of the history of the Seven Tribes since their Liberation from the Camps;
  • a detailed return to Vimary itself, with full coverage of tribal lands, Hom, the mysterious Rust Wastes and the dreaded H\'l Kar, home of the Z'bri;
  • over a dozen evocative maps of key locations, including the Z'bri community of Abonom, the Keeper stronghold of Olympus, and the hidden underworld of Vimary;
  • a look at all the major players and factions, including the Seven Tribes, Fallen, Squat bands, Z'bri, and Keepers.

DP9-803, 144 pages, ISBN 1-896776-41-8

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