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"The winds have become much cooler as of late. Although we should be experiencing the warm winds of summer, all I can feel is the chill bite of death. If one looks to the north, past the smoldering ruins of Bazaar, you can see dark storm-laced clouds gathering. When the northern winds blow, I can smell the sweat of war and faintly hear the sound of metal against bone.

"While we continue arguing with the outcasts, the stirrings of war surround me. My sleep has been haunted by the voices of the Dead. Something is terribly wrong. Blood is calling for Blood. The Liberation is not over."

-- Sarah Verkin, Yagan Old One

Following the destruction of Vimary, an uneasy peace is trembling between the Nation and the Eighth Tribe. Koleris Warbands and packs of Gek'roh run rampant across the remains of Vimary, and Westholm has become a fortified and isolated town. When the calm begins to fracture, and refugees arrive bringing news of war, the leaders of the Tribes and the Fallen must take arms again against distant enemies as well as those much closer to home.

Revanche is a complete cycle for Tribe 8. Its Quests and Acts chronicle the gathering-in of the Nation and the Fallen, and an end to three generations of Z'bri tyranny. Rising up in battle, the armies of the Nation and the Fall sweep across Vimary, taking back what is rightfully theirs. Revanche includes:

  • four complete Quests and many side plots;
  • Detailed information on the next phase of the Tribe 8 metaplot
  • New NPCs and templates, useful for any Cycle

Revanche is Volume Four in the Conquest story arc.

DP9-819, 96 pages

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