Nomads Sourcebook

Nomads Sourcebook
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"We are nothing more than scavengers and squatters. We live day to day, hand-to-mouth on the garbage of the other Solar nations. Worse, we need their garbage to survive! We are drifting in darkness, helpless, completely at the mercy of whomever or whatever may chose to bully us, exploit us or destroy us. Unity among the Clans is our only hope. Who will join with us, to stand in the light of a brighter future?"

"Shut up and leave us alone!"

-- Denis Trofimovitch Lysenko, Clan Lysenko Elder, Address at the inauguration of the Parliament of Clans; reply by Stephen Baker, Clan Bruckner Elder, Address at the inauguration of the Parliament of Clans

The Nomads Sourcebook is a Silhouette sourcebook of the hardiest, most resourceful and independent people in the Jovian Chronicles science fiction game. This manual describes Nomad society and how they not only survive in the Asteroid Belt, but also thrive and prosper.

Within these covers you will find:

  • A complete overview of the Nomads society;
  • Information on how to make a living in the Asteroid Belt;
  • Descriptions and plans of five Nomad settlements;
  • Details on eight Nomad Clans;
  • New Nomad Careers and Archetypes;
  • Belt vessels and equipment.

DP9-323, 112 pages

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