Tactical Dueling Supplement

Tactical Dueling Supplement
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The Interpolar War caused a dramatic decrease in the number of dueling events taking place across the planet. Most of the better Duelists found themselves drafted into the polar armies or on the run, and few viewers were interested in witnessing arena fights when their city-states were under attack. Once the war ended, however, the arena promoters made sure things went rapidly back to normal. New dueling events are heavily romanticized, the action sequences are unbelievable and the fans are eating it up like never before!

Tactical Dueling explores the various settings where modern Duelists and other fighters meet in battle. Along with some background information on the Duelistsí traditions, the core of the sourcebook contains rules for playing arena battles with the tabletop wargaming rules introduced in the Tactical Miniatures Rules. This sourcebook includes:

  • Rules for fielding your own Duelist characters (with variable stats and abilities);
  • Stats and special rules for arena features and traps;
  • Racing and rally racing rules, with pit stops and quick repairs;
  • Advanced one-on-one fighting;
  • Modeling instructions and suggestions for arena terrain pieces;
  • Conversion notes for dueling machines' miniatures;
  • Datacards for the dueling vehicles shown in the Heavy Gear universe.

A few six-sided dice, a copy of the Tactical Miniatures Rules, some miniatures, pen and paper are required to play the game.

DP9-108, 80 B&W pages + 4 color pages
ISBN 1-894578-62-7

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