Tactical Pack One: Battle of Two Towers

Tactical Pack One: Battle of Two Towers
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Following the Battle of Rahnguard, the governments of the North have declared war on the Allied Southern Territories. Intelligence and diplomatic sources have revealed serious divisions within the South, and the leaders of the North have come to believe that the Mekong Dominion will not fight to defend the Southern Republic, perhaps even siding with the North.

The Dominion is the site of heavy aerospace defense systems controlled by the Southern Republic which must be disabled by ground strikes before any serious attack takes place. Northern Guard units have been sent across the desert to take them out, confident that the Mekong-based MILICIA units placed in their way will stand down as the Northerners approach.

Unfortunately, they are wrong. Dead wrong.


The Battle of Two Towers tactical campaign pack is a full tactical campaign for use with the Heavy Gear tactical system. The booklet features two brand new regiments, the Northern Guard's 77th Heavy Gear Regiment, (The Screaming Banshees) and the MILICIA's 121st Gear Regiment (The Fortunate Ones), and a bundle of scenarios that can be played independently or as part of the campaign. The pack also includes two maps and three counter sheets.

DP9-050, 32 pages, counters and maps, ISBN 1-896776-42-6


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