Tactical Pack Two: Shadow War

Tactical Pack Two: Shadow War
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General Kerezkovytch closed the cover of the envelope marked with the "Top Secret" stamp and snarled silently at his reflection in the window. Damn Snakes! he thought to himself. They'll push us over the brink and into a war bigger than this planet has ever seen. He picked up the handset of the desk comm and began punching codes into it. There was a soft electronic noise as someone answered. "Captain Hewlett, Operations. Secure Line."

"Captain Hewlett, this is General Kerezkovytch. What units are currently unattached at this time in this sector?"

"The only unit currently unattached is from the 45th Regiment, sir. Company-sized."

"Excellent! Do they have personnel available for covert operations?"

There was a brief pause at the other end of the line. "Begging the General's pardon, sir, but they're test pilots and training cadre evaluating new procedures. I seriously doubt they are prepared for combat, much less covert combat..."

"I'll tell you a little something special about the 45th later, Captain. And prepare the following operations orders..."

Turning his comm switch to the "off" position, General Kerezkovytch leaned back in his chair and mumbled something incoherent about madmen and snakes...

The Shadow War tactical campaign pack is a full tactical campaign for use with the Heavy Gear tactical system. The booklet features two brand new units, the 42nd Combined Company (Death Jesters) and the 68th Companie (Chasseurs d'Ombres), and a bundle of scenarios that can be played independently or as part of the campaign. The pack also includes two maps and three counter sheets.

DP9-054, 32 pages, counters and maps, ISBN 1-896776-48-5

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