Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith

Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith
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1 Winter TN 1933 - 1 Autumn TN 1935

"In those days, the planet was readying for war. Alliances were made and revolutions broke out, but no one saw the larger events, already in motion. We were so concerned with our own petty, local problems that we had closed our eyes to the emmensity of what faced us... or to the wonders occuring right under our noses.

"There are times I wish we could be so innocent again.

- Nicosas Renault


Storyline Book One: Crisis of Faith traces the events on Terra Nova from TN 1933 through TN 1935. The planet lurches toward a global conflict and the words of Terranovans themselves betray their machinations and true intentions. Dramatic events that were only hinted at in previous books start to take form with world-shaking consequences. Letters, private conversations, journal entries and official reports expose the true face of history, from the deadly secrets of master spies to the fears of those caught up in a conflict beyond their control.


Terra Nova grows older and more mature, but at the cost of the precious innocence and peace won at the end of the War of the Alliance.

DP9-033, 112 pages (half sized, 32 color pages)
ISBN 1-896776-21-3

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