Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon

Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon
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"The end of the Interpolar War, along with renewed contact with the Capricians, signaled the end of one era and the beginning of another. I remember the days when even allied leagues eyed each other with suspicion and sent their war machines to fight for control over this or that. Now they are allied once more under the banner of the Westphalia Cabinet and fighting for the good of the entire planet. It's the War of the Alliance all over again.


"But the reality is somewhat different. Nations, much less entire planets and interstellar empires, do not switch allegiance overnight based on the charisma or friendship of their leaders, regardless of what the trideo shows say. Human nature just doesn't work that way..."

-- Nicosa Renault


The allied nations of Terra Nova have struck the first blow for freedom by sending a daring commando mission to the CEF-occupied world of Caprice. More teams follow on the 1st Black Talon's footsteps, chipping at the might of the New Earth Commonwealth objective by destroyed objective. The thrill of victory, however, does not mean that centuries-old grudges are forgotten, or even settled. And the Terranovans are quick to forget that the interstellar Gates offer two-way access between the colonized worlds...


Storm on the Horizon, the fourth Heavy Gear Storyline Book, is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Crisis of Faith, Blood on the Wind and Return to Cat's Eye. It traces the cataclysmic events in the setting of Heavy Gear, through a collection of journals, articles and conversations. Storm on the Horizon also features a useful appendix with a full time-line of events, advice for Heavy Gear players and profiles of important characters.

80 pages

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