Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores

Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores
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"I wept as I read the most recent transmissions, now several weeks old, that the Black Talon team had sent us from Atlantis. Peaceful water, stretching from the sand to infinity. I never thought I would get to see it one day. In a strange twist of Fate, the greed and arrogance of the New Earth Commonwealth may well re-ignite the fire that drove us forward, drove us to soar among the stars. Once this conflict is over -- and I've come to believe we will win, for the freedom of societies across the Gate network -- perhaps I will be able to visit those distant shores myselfÖ""


-- Nicosa Renault

Following in the steps of the original Black Talon team, Terranovan raiders lend a helping hand to their Liberati allies so far across interstellar space. The CEF continues to deploy new and improved technology built in the occupied factories of Caprice, testing it in brutal reprisal attacks in the Helios system. Meanwhile, the Black Talon continues its exploration mission, seeking out allies for the war efforts among long cut-off colony worlds. Unfortunately, the Terranovans soon realize they are not the only ones seeking reinforcement among the far-away starsÖ

Distant Shores, the fifth Heavy Gear Storyline Book, is the newest installment of the critically acclaimed Storyline series. It traces the cataclysmic events on the world of Terra Nova, the setting of Heavy Gear, through a collection of journals, articles and conversations. Distant Shores also features a useful appendix with a full time-line of events, advice for Heavy Gear players and profiles of important characters.

DP9-067, 80 pages
ISBN 1-894578-66-X

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