Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy

Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy
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Ada Friedhelm adjusted her eye patch and strained to pay attention. Her interlocutor had insisted on audio-only communication, but it didn't matter. She knew who he was. The artificially warbled male voice went on, at the same time deep and deranged.

"...and as a result the price of titanium is going to rise drastically. Furthermore, I have enlisted the cooperation of Captain Mortimer Haig, a pirate operating from a small asteroid on the orbit of Jupiter, whose task will be to intercept any titanium shipment to Vanguard Mountain. As a result, the shipyards in Vanguard will require some assistance from the Confederation. Thanks to the information you just provided me with, we now know without a doubt that the Valiant has just been refitted after her last trip and she is ready to go. All we need now is to tip the Jovians about the whereabouts of Captain Mortimer's asteroid and they'll leap to the rescue. Meanwhile, CEGA will trace the titanium market manipulation back to Elysée, and..."

Ada Friedhelm shook her head in disbelief. Her superiors at SolaPol weren't going to believe a word of this. This Devon Malachai was a piece of work.

Running a game may seem like a daunting task. This package contains vital information that will provide everything both novice and experienced Gamemasters need to run a dynamic, action-packed, highly entertaining Jovian Chronicles campaign. How do you find Players? What kind of stories should you run? How to provide tough enemies without resorting to insane Skill levels and equipment? How to quickly generate NPCs? How to get a plots moving? How to run faster vehicle combats? It's all in here.

  • Three-fold Gamemaster's Screen
  • Easy-to-access reference tables
  • How to find and keep Players
  • How to handle novice Players
  • Random equipment packages
  • Dramatic Tactical System (DTS)
  • Quick design references

DP9-305, 64 pages + 3 panel screen, ISBN 1-896776-35-3

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