RPG Screen and Adventure

RPG Screen and Adventure
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"No! You mustnít land!" the Captain screamed, all the while blazing away with his sidearm into the instrument panel and the windscreen. Jack Memphis swung his fist, catching the crazed British officer square on the jaw while Tom tackled the legs, rugby-style. Pilotless, the plane entered a steep dive toward the Pyramids...

Riddle of the Sphinx is a race against time to find out why senior British officers are suddenly going berserk and committing random acts of treason. Unravel the mystery connected with the mysterious Sphinx! This package contains:


  • A color cardboard game reference screen that doubles as a sheet and notes carrying folder;


  • A booklet with a ready-to-play, daring four-Act pulp adventure set in Egypt; modular maps, encounters and subplots that can be dropped in any pulp or superscience adventure; and pre-generated Characters and Villains: Jack Memphis, Docktor Hempell, and many more!


  • A block of Gear Krieg character sheets.

DP9-512, 48 B&W pages, Color Screen/Utility Folder, Pad of Character Sheets
ISBN 1-894814-32-0

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