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DP9 Social Distancing Sale! (April 6th thru Midnight EST May 31st, 2020)

The Dream Pod 9 Social Distancing Sale is on Now thru Midnight EST May 31st, 2020. The Sale includes 20% OFF all Heavy Gear Blitz Army Boxes & Miniature Packs (Gears, Striders, Tanks, Hovertanks, Mounts, APCs, VTOLS, & Infantry) and Heavy Gear Arena Miniature Packs! Plus 20% OFF all Jovian Wars Spaceships, Exo/Fighter/Bomber Squads, and Starter Forces! And to top it all off our friends over at Fusion Models are giving 20% OFF on all their products, including the 1/35 scale Kodiak Master Grade Kit and both Jovian Chronicles Garage Kits! Plus 20% OFF all Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Minis!

The GOLDEN GEAR Painting Competition is on now, while Social Distancing, pickup a few minis, get painting, take photos, and Enter!

Here is a direct link to the Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Minis just added to the DP9 Social Distancing Sale.




Jovian Wars Spaceship Miniatures Now Available!

New Jovian Wars ships and parts have been added to the online store, which now include the Satrap, Shan-Yu, Tsar, Gao Tzu, Chieftain, Imperator, Huang Ti, and Senator ships for the Venus faction, the Ch'in, Hydra, Detroit, Narwal, Hammerhead, Constantinople, Birmingham, Appalachian, Charon, Icarus, and remastered Poseidon, Hachiman, Tengu, Uller, & Bricriu ships for the CEGA faction, and the Corsair, Intrepid, Forge, Ypres, Alexander, Majestic, Gagarin, Lennox, and remastered Valiant, Athena, Godsfire, Javelin, & Thunderbolt ships for the Jovian faction. Plus complete collection of Venus, CEGA, and Jovian Exo-Armor & Fighter squads, Click the images above to visit the Jovian Wars Spaceships, Exo-Armors, and Figher Squad Online Store Section and pick up some great ships for Christmas. You can also click here to download our free Jovian Wars Beta Rules ebook hosted on DriveThruRPG and check it out. More ships for both factions will be released just before Xmas and we are planning another Kickstarter in Fall 2018 to make all the Venus faction ships. 


Dream Pod 9 Online Store Pod Reward Points

Also remember our Pod Reward Points (Customer Loyalty Reward Points) you'll receive for items purchased on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, that you can use on your next orders. As a guideline, you will receive 1 point for every $5 to $10 of an item's value, items under $5 don't receive reward points. An order of a $5 to $14.99 product would give 1 reward point, a $15 to $24.99 product would give 2 reward points and so on. The reward points can be used on your next order to reduce the cost of products ordered and/or get them free, depending on the numbers of reward points used. 

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