C.N.C.S. [North] Miniatures

C.N.C.S. [North] Miniatures

Bear/Armored Hunter Two Pack


The Bear/Armored Hunter Two Pack for the Northern Faction Forces. It includes standing and running pose legs to make 2 Bear Hunter or Armored Hunter Gears with their stock weapons loadout of light autocannon, armored light rocket pack, ligh..

Zerstorer Hunter


1x Zerstorer Hunter in standing pose, see parts photo for everything included...

Nemesis Jaguar


1x Nemesis Jaguar in standing pose, see parts photo for everything included...

Spearhead Hunter


1x Spearhead Hunter in standing pose, see parts photo for everything included...

Northern Army Box


Northern Plastic Miniatures Army includes 14 plastic miniatures with lots of extra weapons and parts on the sprues, plus black plastic bases. Current plastic sprues are grey in color so the details show better, our first release used a blac..

Confederated Northern City States Decals Pack


This pack is a sheet of waterslide decals for the Northern faction...

M.P. Decals Pack


One sheet of decals for Southern Military Police cadres. Includes the 'MP' text at various sizes as well as rank flashes and stripes...

Black Talon & Terra Nova Factions Decals


This decal sheet contains decals for the Black Talons as well as the various leagues of Terra Nova. ..

Confederated Northern City States Patch with Iron-on backing


Show your allegiance to the Confederated Northern City States. The CNCS patch is 3 inches in diameter with Iron-on backing...

Northern Commander Tokens Pack


Northern Commander Tokens Pack with 17 North logo laser etched and cut blue acrylic tokens, plus 1 Heavy Gear Blitz Measuring Tool also in blue acrylic (see image for contents). Includes four numbered (1 to 4) 40mm round Objective token markers, five..

Scimitar Gear Strider


The Scimitar is the new Gear Strider for the North. It one Scimitar miniature with standard weapons (Snub Cannon and Heavy Staff), extra parts to make the Feral (Grenade Launcher), Assault (Anti-Tank Missiles), or Lightning (Heavy Pulse Laser Cannon ..

Mammoth Strider Custom Pack


This is the Custom Mammoth kit with resin and metal parts to make creating a Command Mammoth, Brawler Mammoth, or other variants much easier. With the release of the Lion's Wrath - Northern Army List on May 29th, 2014, we have updated the parts to..

Thunderhammer Strider Custom Pack


This is the Custom Thunderhammer kit with resin and metal parts packed in an oversized blister. Includes parts to make the basic Thunderhammer Strider (HFG) or one of the Lightning (HRG), Storm (2x HGM), Flak (2x HAAC), Support (HATM), Bast..

Northern Mountaineering Squad (4 minis: 2x Lion, 2x Leopard)


This new Northern Mountaineering Squad of Two Lion and 2 Leopard Mountaineering Gears is compatible with upcoming New Edition of Heavy Gear Blitz and it's Beta Rules version. The 4 miniature squad is packaged in one..

Leopard Two Pack


The Leopard Two Pack for the Northern Faction Forces includes 2 Leopard Gears with stock weapons loadout of Medium Autocannon / Frag Cannon combo weapon, light rocket pack, climbing equipment, and 2 hex bases. Plus it also include..

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