C.E.F. Miniatures

C.E.F. Miniatures


HHT-90 Overlord Hovertank


This is the CEF's massive secret weapon in the War for Terra Nova: A giant hovertank armed with a weapon capable of penetrating the thick armor of Terra Nova's landship fleets or the defensive walls surrounding many city-states. The HHT-90 also carri..

New GREL Infantry 2 Squads and 5 Teams Pack


Includes 24 new GREL Infantry (2 Jan, 4 Mordred pose A, 4 Mordred pose B, 4 Mordred pose C, 2 Morgana Assault, 2 Morgana Sniper, 2 Mordred Mortar, 2 Morded Raider, and 2 Mordred Anti-Tank), 2 round 40 mm bases and 5 hex bases. Pack can make 2 squads ..

Xmas Gift 2021 Chibi F6-16 Battleframe


Our Xmas Gift 2021 Chibi F6-16 Battleframe resin mini is now available to all fans of our Chibi Gears. The Chibi Battleframe is not in the same scale as the regular Heavy Gear Blitz miniatures its actual size is 40 mm tall by 53 m..

C.E.F. Army Box


C.E.F. Plastic Miniatures Army includes 15 plastic miniatures with lots of extra weapons and parts on the sprues, plus black plastic bases. Current plastic sprues are grey in color so the details show better, our first release used a black ..

Earth/PAK Decals Pack


Decals for 10 minis...

Colonial Expeditionary Force Patch with Iron-on backing


Show your allegiance to the Colonial Expeditionary Force. The CEF patch is 3 inches in diameter with Iron-on backing...

CEF Commander Tokens Pack


CEF Commander Tokens Pack with 17 CEF logo laser etched and cut purple acrylic tokens, plus 1 Heavy Gear Blitz Measuring Tool also in purple acrylic (see image for contents). Includes four numbered (1 to 4) 40mm round Objective token markers, five cl..

Earth/PAK HT-68 Hovertank


While an older design, the HT-68 is the backbone of the forces of Earth. It is a fast and armored vehicle. PAK maintains a fleet of these that are patched together with components from wrecked hovertanks and limited trade with the Humanist Alliance. ..

Earth/PAK HT-72 Hovertank


The HT-72 is a recurring element in nightmares of many Terra Novan veterans. This advanced hovertank is designed with high-speed assaults on armored targets as the platform's specialty. Includes 1 resin HT-72 resin and extra parts packed in a larg..

LHT-67 Light Hovertank


1 mini, extra weapons This is a resculpted and improved version of the LHT-67 that includes multiple weapon options and a more detailed resin hull...

LHT-71 Light Hovertank


1 mini, extra weapons This is a resculpted and improved version of the LHT-67 that includes multiple weapon options and a more detailed resin hull...

New HPC-64 Hover APC with Variant Options


This New sculpt HPC-64 Hover APC is larger than the previous one and is now the same size as a HT-68 Hovertank. The kit includes the Command Upgrade, Medic, and Support variant parts...



One pewter CEF CMD part from the BF6-16, to use with a FLAIL to make a new CMD variant FLAIL...

C.E.F. Type 42 Peregrine Gunship


1 of the new Type 42 Peregrine Gunships (VTOL Aircraft) used by the CEF and PAK factions, cast in resin with metal flight post and 40mm round base. VTOL aircraft are being added into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, which..

C.E.F. Interdiction Frame Squad


The CEF Interdiction Frame Squad includes 4 pewter miniatures (1x CF6-16 Frame (head and shoulder parts) with standard weapon (LLC) and Sat-Uplink part, 1x F6-16 Frame (AT Pack) with standard weapons (LPA and LATM), 1x B..

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