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DP9 Annual Holiday Sale on Now!

The Sale runs from Nov. 24th 2022 to Midnight EST Jan. 2nd 2023. With 20% OFF or Heavy Gear Blitz plastic army boxes and individual plastic miniatures. 10% OFF the HGB 3.1 Rules (full and half size), HGB pewter and resin miniature packs, HGB faction bundles, HGB Decal Packs, HGB Patches, and Badlands resin terrain. Plus 10% OFF Jovian Wars starter forces, spaceships and squad pack miniatures, JW Decal Packs, Dice, and Patch. Fusion Models has also joined in the sale with 10% OFF. And our older larger scale Jovian Chronicles Exos and Fighters, Gear Krieg and Luft Krieg miniatures, d20 Compendium Gear Krieg Modern & Fantasy minis at 10% OFF as well.

The easy way to get all your Dream Pod 9 products, plus get the benefits of our Pod Reward Points loyalty program. Get 1 reward point for each $5.00 to $14.99 product purchased, 2 reward points for each $15 to $24.99 product purchased, and so on. Pod Reward Points can be used on subsequent orders to lower the order cost in the shopping card tab, when logged in.

We do a weekly shipping via US Post from Champlain, NY for US or International orders. Canadian Orders are shipped when ready by Canada Post. We have free shipping on orders over $120 USD for US and Canadian orders. International orders have a fixed shipping cost of $42.70 USD .

Heavy Gear Blitz!

Gear Up & Choose Your Side in the War for Terra Nova!

The story of Heavy Gear is still unfolding as war rages across Terra Nova. The Terra Nova forces of the North, South, Peace River, NuCoal, Leagueless, and Black Talon continue the battle against the invading Colonial Expeditionary Force (C.E.F.) from Earth and their conscripted allies from Caprice, Utopia and Eden. Pick your Terra Novan faction as army commander and build a force of gears (piloted robots), striders (bigger robots), tanks, vtols, and infantry. Or be the Invading army commander with battleframes, hovertanks, flails, combat mounts, armigers, drones, golems and infantry.

The new Heavy Gear Blitz - Tabletop Wargame - 3rd Edition Rules - Version 3.1 is now available as a free to download ebook (288 pages) on DriveThruRPG (see link to the left). It includes the rules plus faction forces and model lists from the old Force Companion, now all in one eBook. Full color print versions of the new HGB version 3.1 Rules full size (8.5"x11") 288 page book and the small format (5.5"x8.5") book are now in stock and available to order.

Jovian Wars

Playtest Jovian Wars Space Combat Wargaming!

DP9’s tabletop wargame set in the Jovian Chronicles universe, simulating space battles fought between the solar powers in the early 23rd century. Players are the fleet commanders in the conflict, viewing the battle from above and giving orders to fleets of spaceships and squads of exo-armors (piloted giant robots), fighters & bombers.

Visit the Jovian Wars Blog at the link below to download the latest version of the free rules pdf and datacard files. Get involved in the Jovian Wars Playtest of the upcoming official new rules and share your feedback to make them the best possible.

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Heavy Gear Blitz..

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Heavy Gear Blitz..

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Heavy Gear Blitz..

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Heavy Gear Blitz..

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Griffin VTOL Gol..

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New GREL Infantr..

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Animus Fire Supp..

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Eden 100TV Start..

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Agni Hellion Rid..

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Huni Rider 2 Tea..

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Black Talon 100T..

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Black Talon 150T..

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Jovian Wars: CEG..

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Jovian Wars: Jov..

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Jovian Wars: Ven..

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Saker Hover Vehi..

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Serpentina Hover..

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Warlock Electron..

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Warlock Electron..

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Centaur Cavalry ..

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Doppel Strike Go..

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Druid Engineerin..

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Hyena MkII Strid..

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Hyena II / Dark ..

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