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Welcome to Dream Pod 9 Online Store

The new store offers improved security and reliability over the old store software, but we're more excited about features to make it easier to find specific products and features that reward our customers.

One new feature is Pod Reward Points: With the new online store, you will receive Customer Loyalty Reward Points for items purchased to us on your next orders. As a guideline, you will receive 1 point for every $5 to $10 of an item's value, items under $5 don't receive reward points. An order for a $23 blister would give 2 reward points and an order for a $25 blister would give 3 reward points.

Finding items should be easier with the new layout. Items may have several tabs next to the Description for Specifications, Reviews, and Related Items. We'll be adding Specifications as catalog items are reviewed to provide more information about the size, materials, and other details of our products. We can use this feature to make it clear if an item is resin, metal, or a mix of the two. These details can be used on the Compare feature. The Reviews tab contains user-contributed reviews. A Related Items tab contains links to other products that are similar or complementary to the item you're viewing.

Also, it's easier for us to add additional images to products. We're still adding information to make these new features as usable as possible. More details will get entered as we review each item for sale in the store and add new items.

Summer Promotion (Now to the end of September 2014)

This Summer Dream Pod 9 has decided to do a special free shipping promotion from now until the end of September.

All USA and Canadian orders over $50 now have Free Shipping, a savings of $11.95 USD.

And to help out our International customers all orders over $100 now have Free Shipping, a big savings of $39.95 USD.

Tell your friends about this great promotion and pickup a specially priced task force deal for even more saving and get into the game now. 

Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Miniatures back in Production for this Month (Now to the end of September)

The Heavy Gear Fleet Scale miniatures are back in production for the month of September. Complete your collection now, before the production molds are put back in storage for another 6 months.

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