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Gear Krieg
The world would indeed have been a different place had the Roaring Twenties not delivered the wonders promised by visionaries. Instead, war walkers now stride across the battlefield of Europe, huge supertanks thunder over North Africa, rocket fighters duel high above the Pacific, adventurers and sup..
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Wargaming Companion
The Wargaming Companion is a must-have handbook for all Gear Krieg commanders. In addition to new units and weapory, it includes advanced rules for campaigns, specialized equipment and combat engineering. The book also features a primer on small units tactics and a complex scenario generator to quic..
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African Theater Book
The Theater books are the main tool for expanding the Gear Krieg game world. Each book details another part of the world and gives new scenarios and new technology to the players. They are built much along the same lines as the basic book, but they do not include the rules (purchase of the basic rul..
Allies Sourcebook
The United States, the Commonwealth, the Soviet Union -- the Allies. Very different countries, united in the crucible of war to defend the Free World against the growing darkness of Fascism. Throw against their will in a maelstrom of conflict, they are Freedom's last defenders. This Gear Krieg su..
Axis Sourcebook
Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Fascist Italy -- the three nations united by the Pact of Steel to form an Axis around which the world was to revolve. Three highly disparate countries, led by cruel regimes intent on conquering the world and bending it to fit their twisted vision of the future. By blood..
Fields of War
This tactical sourcebook explores the various theaters of the early days of the Alternate Second World War and the operations that took place in them. Fields of War contains numerous tactical scenario seeds for the Gear Krieg universe that can be played together or separately, along with sample stri..
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Fighting Vehicles of the Modern Age
This field manual takes a look at the many types of fighting vehicles fielded by the armies of both the Axis and the Alliance. Each vehicle is detailed with background information, variants (both factory and field) and modeling guide. This Gear Krieg supplement features: A brief history and ov..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Luft Krieg
Aviation technology has come a long way since the Wright brothers first flew. The core principles of flight remain the same, but the methods and execution has changed dramatically. No longer is aerial warfare a duel between gentleman-pilots, swooping low over the battlefield in wood and cloth biplan..
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Luft Krieg Companion
The War goes on! All sides are bringing in new aircraft, each one faster, tougher and better armed than the previous ones. Meanwhile, scientists turn out dozens of new systems and specialized ammunition to increase the lethality of their air forces. Valiant knights climb aboard their aircraft and ta..
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