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Deluxe Silhouette CORE rulebook (softcover)
This 256-page softcover manual contains the latest edition of the critically acclaimed Silhouette game rules. Use them to propel your adventures in the CORE Command universe -- or any setting in a wide variety of genres ranging from science-fiction, fantasy, anime, horror, modern age and more. It\'s..
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Caprice Corporate Sourcebook
Clayre Gessiyum watched the Peregrine swoop down on its target, its quad turbofans screaming as it maneuvered hard to align its weapons with the zigzagging Battle Frame. Beams of coherent light stabbed down from the VTOL, made visible by the thin pall of smoke that engulfed the demonstration area, a..
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Heavy Gear 2nd Edition Roleplaying & Tactical Game Rulebook (Hardcover Version)
Step into a whole universe, with Heavy Gear, the new generation of giant robot game. This book contains everything you need to play the roleplaying, the tactical and the miniature game. Highlights include: The simple and elegant Silhouette game engine, a highly acclaimed system that uses the c..
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Heavy Gear Armor Pack
The Armor Pack is a resource for the Heavy Gear tactical system. The booklet features four armor-oriented scenarios that can be played independently or integrated in a campaign. The pack also includes one hundred counters covering the major tank and strider designs used by armed forces on Terra Nova..
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Liberati Sourcebook
Rebels and nomads on a rough primal world, the Liberati are stuck between uncaring megacorporations and a fascist government bent on conquest. They only really wanted to be left alone, but the New Earth Commonwealth will not accept independence, only total submission. It is literally a do-or-die sit..
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Life on Caprice
Captain Henault of the lead mining vessel Princess floated up from his seat and grabbed a zipline handle. He moved through the dark, greasy hold of the ship and down towards an open bay. He dropped through the double doors and drifted to the floor with practiced ease. Henault landed at the feet ..
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Northern Guard Army List
Autocannon fire sprayed across the massive Grizzly Gear, doing little more than chipping the paint. The enemy Gears -- Jägers and Iguanas -- fell back while the massive fire support machines advanced across the battlefield. Rocket fire was more effective at slowing them down, but it was only putting..
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Northern Record Sheets One
"Move on out." Ranger Lander kicked her Kodiak Destroyer to full power, its massive legs crunching into the packed sand of the Badlands. Her squadron-mates were slightly behind her and their unit formed a v-shape as they charged over the dunes. Static popped in her comm set and tactical readouts ..
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Operation Jungle Drums Redux! 2nd Ed
Operation: Jungle Drums was one of the very first supplements published for Heavy Gear, and it has had a marked influence on the game's development. Characters that first appeared in this book have since taken on great importance in the game's storyline, from Miranda Petite and Lussian Salban to the..
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Raids & Raiders
Unable to wage a full interstellar invasion, the Black Talon strike forces and their CEF/Caprice counterparts conduct raids and commando operations deep behind enemy lines. As stealthed shuttles glide through previously unknown Gates, both sides wage a quiet war to cripple the other's strategic asse..
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Silhouette Core Heavy Gear Miniature Rules
The new Silhouette Core Heavy Gear Miniature Rules takes the acclaimed Silhouette game mechanics to the next level, with game play from one on one Melee Scale to massive Fleet Scale battles. The new Melee Scale cobat is directly compatible with the SilCORE roleplaying rule set (DP9-909), including r..
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Southern Vehicle Compendium Two
Caporal Nadia Venier positioned herself at the top of the dune and removed the cap on her rifle's sight. Low-light amplification and a digital telescopic lens brought her within spitting distance of the Northern formation. This was a big advance - Aller MBTs, Klemm and Tyburr tanks, it was an impres..
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Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith
1 Winter TN 1933 - 1 Autumn TN 1935 "In those days, the planet was readying for war. Alliances were made and revolutions broke out, but no one saw the larger events, already in motion. We were so concerned with our own petty, local problems that we had closed our eyes to the emmensity of what fac..
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Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind
1 Autumn TN 1935 - 2 Summer TN 1939 "When Hutchison died on live trideo, we all knew in our hearts that we were entering hard times. We knew that the last embers of the detente built during and after the War of the Alliance had finally burnt out. Soldiers adjusted their uniforms and arms merchant..
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Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye
"We thought we had seen it all. We thought we had suffered enough, and that the future would get better, not worse. We could not have been more wrong. From this time on, we would have to face not only ourselves but our long-lost siblings, and somehow find a way to survive and prosper together again...
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Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon
"The end of the Interpolar War, along with renewed contact with the Capricians, signaled the end of one era and the beginning of another. I remember the days when even allied leagues eyed each other with suspicion and sent their war machines to fight for control over this or that. Now they are allie..
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Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores
"I wept as I read the most recent transmissions, now several weeks old, that the Black Talon team had sent us from Atlantis. Peaceful water, stretching from the sand to infinity. I never thought I would get to see it one day. In a strange twist of Fate, the greed and arrogance of the New Earth Commo..
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Tactical Dueling Supplement
The Interpolar War caused a dramatic decrease in the number of dueling events taking place across the planet. Most of the better Duelists found themselves drafted into the polar armies or on the run, and few viewers were interested in witnessing arena fights when their city-states were under attack...
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Tactical Pack One: Battle of Two Towers
Following the Battle of Rahnguard, the governments of the North have declared war on the Allied Southern Territories. Intelligence and diplomatic sources have revealed serious divisions within the South, and the leaders of the North have come to believe that the Mekong Dominion will not fight to def..
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Tactical Pack Three: Operation Sudden Fire (Book Only)
"Damn Northern dawgs!" Lieutenant Tavarres cursed as he spat on the ground. Bitterly, he looked down on the remnants of his forces. It wasn't supposed to be like this. After many days of fierce fighting, they had managed to push the Northern forces back. They were then sent ahead to spearhead the dr..
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Tactical Pack Two: Shadow War
General Kerezkovytch closed the cover of the envelope marked with the "Top Secret" stamp and snarled silently at his reflection in the window. Damn Snakes! he thought to himself. They'll push us over the brink and into a war bigger than this planet has ever seen. He picked up the handset of the desk..
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