A.S.T. [South] Miniatures

A.S.T. [South] Miniatures

Southern Lizard Rider Infantry 2 Squads Pack


Southern Lizard Rider Infantry 2 Squads Pack. A typical mounted infantry squad is now represented by 3 minis on a 40mm round bases. The photos below include a parts photo and a photo of a typical Squad. Includes: 6x Lizard Rider In..

Varis Hopper VTOL Aircraft


1 of the new Varis Hoppers (VTOL Aircraft) cast in resin with metal weapon parts and 40mm round base. Hoppers are being added into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, which is currently in development, download the Living Rulebook Beta and..

Sidewinder Single Pack


The Sidewinder is now available as a single pack with added weapons to create the variants found in the new Beta Rules. This pack includes one random-pose Sidewinder miniature, command head, Sat Uplink, and the following weapons: 1..

Southern Infantry Platoon Pack


This Pack contains 40 of the new Southern Infantry miniatures for the Southern factions. Replaces all other previous Southern Infantry blisters. 40 Infantry pewter miniatures, assembly & painting required)..

Southern Special Infantry Pack


The Southern Special Infantry Pack includes 12 of the new Special Infantry minis (2 of each model) plus 6 hex bases. Miniatures come unpainted. These miniatures are 1/144 scale...

Caiman APC Custom Two Pack


2 resin miniatures with 2 sets of customization upgrade parts to convert a Caiman APC into either a Command Caiman, Caiman with Heavy Rockets or a Medevac Caiman. 24mm tall 1/144 scale...

Drones Pack


3 Ovni, 3 Fire Egg and 3 Wasp Drones packed in a large blister. Ovni 9mm tall, Fire Egg 10mm tall, & Wasp 23mm tall 1/144 scale. These can be used by several Heavy Gear Blitz armies to represent the Recon Drone, Demo Drone, and Hunter-Killer Dron..

South Weapons and Bits Pack


Contents: 4 Chainswords 4 Flamers 1 Heavy Gatling Laser Cannon 1 Light Laser Cannon 1 Vibro Rapier 2 Medium rifles 2 Light Rifles 2 Camo-netting sprus (3 rolls) 2 Razorfang Black Mamba heads and uplinks 1 Razorfang Cobra head ..

Southern Visigoth Khan Tank


The Visigoth Khan is the command variant of the South's Main Battle Tank. It incldues added armor to protect force commanders as well as an upgraded suite of communications gear to make it an effective command vehicle on the battlefield...

Air Strike Counter Pack


This pack includes 3 North, 3 South, 3 Peace River and 3 Earth aircraft plus 12 flight bases, packaged in a large blister. All aircraft are about 21mm long each and are  1/350 scale...

Anolis Two Pack


2 Anolis miniatures packaged in a large blister. 33mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

Arena Black Adder Pack


The Arena Black Adder is now available as a single pack...

Arena Black Mamba


One Arena Black Mamba (Black Mamba Pose from Heavy Gear Arena) with extra weapons is now available as a single pack...

Arena Cobra


One Arena Cobra (Running Pose from Heavy Gear Arena) plus extra weapons packed in a large blister...



1 Visigoth Artemis Standard Loadout Tank cast in resin and pewter...

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