Caprice Miniatures

Caprice Miniatures

Caprice Infantry Platoon


40 Infantry and 12 hex bases to represent both Liberati forces and the Caprician Corporate Security forces. 13mm tall 1/144 scale...

C.E.F. Type 42 Peregrine Gunship


1 of the new Type 42 Peregrine Gunships (VTOL Aircraft) used by the CEF and PAK factions, cast in resin with metal flight post and 40mm round base. VTOL aircraft are being added into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, which..

Caprice Infantry 2 Squads


Caprice Infantry 2 Squads Pack. With the new edition rules a typical squad is now represented by 6 to 8 Infantry minis on a 40mm round bases. The photos below include a parts photo and a photo of a typical Squad with 1 Commander and 6 ..

Ammon Combat Mount Pack


One Caprice Ammon Combat Mount miniature in resin and metal plus extra weapon options.. 50mm tall 1/144 scale...

Aphek Combat Mount Pack


Caprice Aphek Mount Pack includes 1 miniature in resin and pewter plus extra weapon parts. 44mm tall 1/144 scale...

Bashan Mount Two Pack


2 Caprician Bashan Light Combat Mounts in resin and metal packaged in a large blister. 26mm tall 1/144 scale...

Kadesh Combat Mount Pack


One Caprican Kadesh Medium Combat Mount in resin and metal packaged in a large blister. 35mm tall 1/144 scale...

Meggido Mount Pack


The Caprice Meggido Mount Pack includes one miniature in resin and metal plus extra weapons. 45mm tall 1/144 scale...

Acco Mount Plastic Sprue


One Acco Mount Plastic Sprue. (Limited Quantities)..

Ammon Mount Plastic Sprues


One set of Ammon Mount Plastic Sprues. (Limited Quantities)..

Aphek Bashan Kadesh or Meggido Mount Plastic Sprues


One set of Plastic Sprues to make either one Aphek, Bashan, Kadesh, or Meggido Mount. (Limited Quantities)..

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Caprice Mounts B Plastic Parts Sprue


One of the older black plastic Mounts B Plastic Parts Sprues, used to make 1 set of the small mounts (Aphek or Bashan) legs/ hip parts or used to make 1 set of the large mounts (Kadesh, Meggido, or Ammon) legs/leg armor/hip parts. (Limited Quantities..

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