NuCoal Miniatures

NuCoal Miniatures

NuCoal Special Forces Squad (4 minis: 4x Espion)


The NuCoal Special Forces Squad includes 4 pewter miniatures (4x Espion with standard weapons (MRF, LRP and LVB) plus an extra sprue with 1x CV antenna and the following weapons (RL, GL, FC), and 4x hex bases). All packaged in a small black..

NuCoal Infantry 2 Squads +1 Team Pack


The new NuCoal Infantry 2 Squads +1 Team Pack has been designed around the new edition rules. A typical squad is now represented by 6 to 8 Infantry minis on a 40mm round bases and a Teams by 2 infantry minis on a hex base. Th..

Varis Hopper VTOL Aircraft


1 of the new Varis Hoppers (VTOL Aircraft) cast in resin with metal weapon parts and 40mm round base. Hoppers are being added into the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz, which is currently in development, download the Living Rulebook Beta and..

Grels on Hoverbikes 2 Squads Pack


Grels on Hoverbikes 2 Squads Pack includes 6 Grels on Hoverbikes and 2 round 40 mm bases...

NuCoal Sandrider Infantry 2 Squads


NuCoal Sandrider Infantry 2 Squads Pack. With the new edition rules a typical squad is now represented by 6 to 8 Infantry minis on a 40mm round bases. The photos below include a parts photo and a photo of a typical Squad with 1 Command..

NuCoal Infantry Platoon


This Pack contains 40 NuCoal SDF Infantry miniatures for the NuCoal factions. We also offer online-exclusive NuCoal Infantry Options...

NuCoal Special Infantry Pack


The NuCoal Special Infantry Pack includes 12 of the new Special Infantry minis (2 of each model) plus 6 hex bases. Miniatures come unpainted. These miniatures are 1/144 scale...

Sampson Hover APC Pack


1 Sampson Hover APC resin and metal miniature, extra weapons & parts, assembly & painting required, decals not included..

Drones Pack


3 Ovni, 3 Fire Egg and 3 Wasp Drones packed in a large blister. Ovni 9mm tall, Fire Egg 10mm tall, & Wasp 23mm tall 1/144 scale. These can be used by several Heavy Gear Blitz armies to represent the Recon Drone, Demo Drone, and Hunter-Killer Dron..

Rally Jerboa


One Rally Jerboa miniature with hex base for use with Badlands Rally, Heavy Gear Blitz or Arena...

Air Strike Counter Pack


This pack includes 3 North, 3 South, 3 Peace River and 3 Earth aircraft plus 12 flight bases, packaged in a large blister. All aircraft are about 21mm long each and are  1/350 scale...

Armadillo Beast with Rider Squad Pack


This pack contains 3 Armadillo Riding Beasts, 3 Mounted NuCoal Infantry figures, and three round bases. Resin and pewter parts, assembly and painting required, decals not included...

Barnaby and Sandrider Squad Pack


Terra Nova's massive deserts are dangerous to cross. The Barnaby, a native reptile-like creature, has been tamed and is now used to give infantry increased mobility to allow for nearly silent patrols. 3 Barnaby riding beasts, 3 mounted Sandrider..



One Chargeur with extra weapons is now available as a single pack...



One Chasseur miniature in a random pose. See link to parts photo for contents...

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