Heavy Gear Fleet Scale

Heavy Gear Fleet Scale

The Heavy Gear Fleet miniatures are available again for a limited time! These minaitures are 1/3500 scale for the ships and 1/350 for the other markers. These miniatures are cast in pewter.

Southern Aircraft Counter Pack


The Southern Aircraft Counter Pack incldues 5 flight bases and 5 small Quelzal aircraft minis cast in pewter at 1/350 scale...

Southern Armor/Infantry Counter Pack


The Southern Armor/Infantry Counter Pack incldues 5 diorama hex bases, 5 small Visigoth tanks, and 10 small generic Infantry minis cast in pewter at 1/350 scale...

Southern Gear Counter Pack


The Southern Gear Counter Pack includes 5 diorama hex bases and 10 small Jager minis cast in pewter...

Southern Strider Counter Pack


The Southern Strider Counter Pack includes 3 diorama hex bases and 3 small Naga minis cast in pewter at 1/350 scale...

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