Badlands Terrain

Badlands Terrain

Badlands Comm Array


One Badlands Communications Array suitable for use as objectives or terrain...

Badlands Windmill


Smart badlanders cannot waste any resources and capture the wind to generate electricity. 1 resin windmill terrain piece...

Badlands Water Condenser


1 Resin Water Condenser. Water is a valuable commodity to homesteaders in the badlands. Towers like this extract precious moisture from the air. 57mm Tall and 32mm in Width..

Badlands Twin Water Tanks


Once extracted from the air, water needs to be stored. Badlands settlements also need to store fuel, coolant, and countless other substances to keep the homestead operational. This resin terrain piece can provide cover for military units as part..

Modular Shipping Containers Three Pack


Three resin shipping containers that can be used on their own, formed into barricades, or fits on the bed of a Camel transport. Containers are 15mm Tall by 15mm Wide by 27mm Long...

Defense Turret Two Pack


2 Defense Turrets models with resin main structures and metal weapon modules packed in a large blister. These miniatures are 39mm tall (for the main body) and 1/144 scale. These miniatures can also be combined with the Badlands Outpost Terrain Kit..

Camel Truck Single Pack


1 resin Camel Truck packaged in a small blister. 18mm tall 1/144 scale...

Camel Truck Two Pack


2 resin Camel Trucks packaged in a large blister. 18mm tall 1/144 scale...

Southern Barnaby Gear Transport


The Barnaby Gear Transport is a common Southern vehicle used to haul military Gears between deployments. These massive wheeled vehicles offer minimal protection, but are more efficient, reduce wear and tear on the carried Gears, and are a more comfor..

Badlands Rally Barnaby Wreck


One resin barnaby wreck piece representing the Badlands Roadhouse bar & grill on the Badlands Rally map...

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