Custom Parts

Custom Parts

5x Caprice Mounts 4 Small Legs & Hips Resin Parts


5 Sets of 4 small legs and hips resin parts for the Caprice Mounts used for the Bashan and Aphek Mounts. We received numerous requests from our Kickstarter Backers to be able to purchase extra of the new Caprice plastic miniatures Mounts B sprue (..

Eden Banner Flag


1 Eden Banner Flag pewter part.  ..

Animus Across Torso Resin Arms Set


1 set of left and right resin arms to hold a weapon across the Animus torso.  ..

Animus Duelist Resin Arms Set


1 set of Animus Duelist resin arms left and right to grab the HVB from it back jetpack mounted holder.  ..

Eden Heavy Vibro Blade for the Animus Golem


1 Eden HVB used by the Animus Golem. For players needing a 2nd HVB to make an Animus Duelist with the Dual Melee Weapons upgrade...

Heavy Flamer


1 Heavy Flamer (HFL) part from the Drake pack.  ..

Light Pulse Laser


1 Light Pulse Laser (LPL) part from the Fer de Lance pack.  ..

Razor Fang Cobra Parts Sprue


1 Razor Fang parts sprue from the Southern Weapons and Bits pack.  ..

Snakeye Black Mamba Parts Sprue


1 Snakeye Black Mamba parts sprue with the Battery pack, LLC, and Head parts.  ..

Crusader VEngine and LFM parts


1 Crusader VEngine and 1 LFM pewter parts.  ..

Chatterbox Iguana Pewter Parts Sprue


1 Chatterbox Iguana Pewter Parts Sprue.  ..

MRF LGM LSMG pewter parts sprue


1 MRF LGM LSMG pewter parts sprue.  ..

Spearhead pewter parts sprue


1 Spearhead pewter parts sprue with Spearhead/LVB/SatupLink/HAC parts.  ..

Pistol Weapon Part for Gears


1 Pistol Weapon Part for Gears from the Peace River Greyhound kit.  ..

Eden Centaur Golem Extra Weapons and Dominus Head Parts Sprue


1 Eden Centaur Golem Extra Weapons and Dominus Upgrade Head parts sprue (Dominus Upgrade Head, MFC, MRF, and MRP).  ..

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