C.E.F. Miniatures

C.E.F. Miniatures


Grel Infantry 2 Squads and 1 Team Pack


Includes 16 Grel Infantry (2 Jan, 6 Mordred pose 1, 6 Mordred pose 2, and 2 Morgana), 2 round 40 mm bases and 1 hex base...

Grels on Hoverbikes 2 Squads Pack


Grels on Hoverbikes 2 Squads Pack includes 6 Grels on Hoverbikes and 2 round 40 mm bases...

HT-68 MATM_MABM Parts Left and Right


Pewter MATM/MABM Parts Left and Right for a HT-68 hovertank. The parts are needed with the HT-68 resin Turret and Twin MPL parts to make its variant...

HT-68 Turret and Twin MPL


Resin Turret and Twin MPL parts for a HT-68 hovertank...

HT-72 Turret and Twin MPL


This is a resin turret for an HT-72 hover tank to make the Raider variant...

FLAIL Squad Pack


FLAIL Squad Pack includes 3 Mordred FLAILs, 2 Heavy Weapons and 1 round 40 mm base. 23mm tall mounted on base 1/144 scale...

Morgana FLAIL


1 Morgana FLAIL and 1 hex base...

Earth Grel Infantry Platoon


GREL Infantry can be used in CEF, PAK, and even Humanist Alliance forces. This kit includes 43 Grel Infantry (4 Jans, 36 Mordreds and 3 Morganas) and 13 hex bases. 15mm tall 1/144 scale...

FLAIL Platoon Pack


12 Mordred and 1 Morgana FLAILs, 4 Heavy Weapons and 13 hex bases. 23mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

Grel Infantry on Hoverbikes Platoon


12 Hoverbikes and 12 hex bases. 27mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

HC-3 Command & Recon Hovercar Two Pack


2 Hovercar miniatures. 27mm tall and 45mm long 1/144 scale...

Type F2-19 Battle Frame Pack


The Earth Type F2-19 Frame Pack contains 1 miniature and extra parts. 45mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

Type F2-21 Battle Frame Two Pack


Type F2-21 Frame Two Pack contains 2 miniatures and extra parts. 36mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

Type F2-25 Frame Two Pack


2 F2-25 miniatures and extra parts,. 37mm tall mounted on hex base 1/144 scale...

Type F6-16 Battle Frame Two Pack


2 F6-16 miniatures and extra parts. These are based off the previous 6-16 miniature, but the model has been redesigned with an impressive range of components for new weapons and other options. F6-16 is 36mm tall & CF6-16 is 40mm tall mounted on h..

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