Tribe 8

Tribe 8

Deluxe Silhouette CORE rulebook (softcover)


This 256-page softcover manual contains the latest edition of the critically acclaimed Silhouette game rules. Use them to propel your adventures in the CORE Command universe -- or any setting in a wide variety of genres ranging from science-fiction, ..

Tribe 8 Rulebook (First Edition)


We are the dispossessed, the Children of Hom, the Fallen, we are the Eight Tribe and we stand alone. We are those who walk away, those who turn our backs on the Seven Sisters, on our mothers and fathers, and venture into the wastelands around us to f..

Book of Legends


"There are many stories which are lost to us. How many people's lives have been forgotten and left to vanish into the folds of time? How many heroes and icons of our people have been tarnished or dishonored by the fact that we never knew their names?..

Harvest of Thorns


"I could feel it in the wind in those days, the cutting that would seep in through all the celebrations and the growing hopes. We forgot too soon that we were not a whole people, and that we still had enemies that could match everything we could do. ..

Vimary Burns


"The Baron has lied to us! We did not triumph at Abonom. The Nomads' bitches continue to strengthen their herds while we fight amongst ourselves over our meager resources. All the while the 'Baron' sits in his little pleasure palace, feasting on the ..

Weaver's Screen and Assistant


"Behold the terrible price of treachery. You are outcasts who reject the love of your Fatima. Having spurned your liberators, those who would nurture and protect you from the horrors of this world, you are in turn cast out from their circle of love. ..

Word from the North


A traveler returns with tales of horror and death, and a place called Capal that lingers on the border between life and death. A fortress of the Z'bri, Capal bubbles with the burning hatred the demons hold for humanity and the Tribes. A Book of Legen..

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