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Gear Krieg
The world would indeed have been a different place had the Roaring Twenties not delivered the wonder..
Wargaming Companion
The Wargaming Companion is a must-have handbook for all Gear Krieg commanders. In addition to new un..
African Theater Book
The Theater books are the main tool for expanding the Gear Krieg game world. Each book details anoth..
Fields of War
This tactical sourcebook explores the various theaters of the early days of the Alternate Second Wor..
Fighting Vehicles of the Modern Age
This field manual takes a look at the many types of fighting vehicles fielded by the armies of both ..
Luft Krieg
Aviation technology has come a long way since the Wright brothers first flew. The core principles of..
Gear Krieg Blueprints
The Superscience Blueprint Files is a set of detailed poster-sized plans of various super-science cr..
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