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Deluxe Silhouette CORE rulebook (softcover)
This 256-page softcover manual contains the latest edition of the critically acclaimed Silhouette ga..
US$37.99 US$33.99
Based on 2 reviews.
Caprice Corporate Sourcebook
Clayre Gessiyum watched the Peregrine swoop down on its target, its quad turbofans screaming as it m..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Heavy Gear Armor Pack
The Armor Pack is a resource for the Heavy Gear tactical system. The booklet features four armor-ori..
US$14.99 US$13.49
Life on Caprice
Captain Henault of the lead mining vessel Princess floated up from his seat and grabbed a zipline ha..
US$18.99 US$17.09
Northern Guard Army List
Autocannon fire sprayed across the massive Grizzly Gear, doing little more than chipping the paint. ..
US$18.99 US$17.09
Northern Record Sheets One
"Move on out." Ranger Lander kicked her Kodiak Destroyer to full power, its massive legs crunchin..
US$18.99 US$17.09
Operation Jungle Drums Redux! 2nd Ed
Operation: Jungle Drums was one of the very first supplements published for Heavy Gear, and it has h..
US$12.99 US$11.69
Raids & Raiders
Unable to wage a full interstellar invasion, the Black Talon strike forces and their CEF/Caprice cou..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Southern Vehicle Compendium Two
Caporal Nadia Venier positioned herself at the top of the dune and removed the cap on her rifle's si..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Storyline Book 1: Crisis of Faith
1 Winter TN 1933 - 1 Autumn TN 1935 "In those days, the planet was readying for war. Alliances we..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Based on 1 reviews.
Storyline Book 2: Blood on the Wind
1 Autumn TN 1935 - 2 Summer TN 1939 "When Hutchison died on live trideo, we all knew in our heart..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Based on 1 reviews.
Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye
"We thought we had seen it all. We thought we had suffered enough, and that the future would get bet..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Storyline Book 4: Storm on the Horizon
"The end of the Interpolar War, along with renewed contact with the Capricians, signaled the end of ..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Storyline Book 5: Distant Shores
"I wept as I read the most recent transmissions, now several weeks old, that the Black Talon team ha..
US$17.99 US$16.19
Tactical Dueling Supplement
The Interpolar War caused a dramatic decrease in the number of dueling events taking place across th..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Tactical Pack One: Battle of Two Towers
Following the Battle of Rahnguard, the governments of the North have declared war on the Allied Sout..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Tactical Pack Three: Operation Sudden Fire (Book Only)
"Damn Northern dawgs!" Lieutenant Tavarres cursed as he spat on the ground. Bitterly, he looked down..
US$13.99 US$12.59
Tactical Pack Two: Shadow War
General Kerezkovytch closed the cover of the envelope marked with the "Top Secret" stamp and snarled..
US$19.99 US$17.99
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