Plastic & Scenic Bases

Plastic & Scenic Bases

60mm Round Techno Base A


This 60mm diameter resin display base includes three separate metal ammo crate pieces that can be arrange on the base to complement the model you attach. These large bases are great for the larger Striders, Mounts, hover tanks, as well as the new Sou..

Techno Base Ammo Crates


This is a sprue of three metal ammo crates identical to those included with the 60mm Round Techno Base. These are great for decorating scenic bases, terrain, or modifying vehicles such as the Camel model...

Flight Bases (x15)


15 Flight Bases, 1" (25.4mm) across...

Round Bases (x15)


15 x 40mm Round Bases, 40mm across and about 3.5mm tall...

Slotted Hex Bases


25 Slotted Hex Bases, 1" (25.4mm) across and about 3.5mm tall...

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