Dream Pod 9 Custom Parts

Light Field Gun


One hand-held Light Field Gun (LFG) pewter part. Field guns are slow-firing, but powerful, cannons. The Light Field Gun is the smallest weapon of the class and can be carried by larger gears, although ammunition is limited. <formerly called VLF..

Light Grenade Launcher


Light Grenade Launchers are commonly used on Terra Nova to shake up infantry and Gear squads. This is ia single hand-held Light Grenade Launcher...

Light Guided Mortar


Light Guided Mortars are common support weapons, especially for the Northern forces of Terra Nova. These weapons allow for accurate 'lobbed' shots over defense fortifications or other rough terrain. Includes one Light Guided Mortar...

Light Laser Cannon


While sensitive to environmental conditions, the Light Laser Cannon provides precise, powerful hitting ability. Most light laser cannons are mounted on armored vehicles, but this model is equipped for hand-held Gear use. Includes one hand-held Lig..

Light Rifle


More accurate than Autocannons but lacking the rapid fire capabilities, Light Rifles are considered a veteran's option for placing accurate shots on target. Incldues one Light Rifle piece...

Light Rocket Pack at 45° Angle


Some specialised Gears use a special mount for the common Light Rocket Pack to prevent the hardpoint weapon locking the Gear's full range of arm motion. Includes one Light Rocket Pod piece with angled mount....

Light Rocket Pod


Light Rocket Pods are common on many Gear designs. They give the Gear a versatile weapon that has a chance of damaging armored vehicles or can blast entire squads of enemies. Limited ammunition is a major issue, however. Includes one Light Rocket ..



The Mace, modeled after ancient melee weapons, is a crowd-pleasing duelist weapon...

Mauler Fist


Usually mounted to replace a Gear's hand, the Mauler Fist is a vicious melee weapon capable of shredding armor.  Includes one Mauler Fist melee weapon piece...

Medium Autocannon


The Medium Autocannon is commonly equipped on specialist units, and may even be carried as a Gear squad's special weapon in some forces. One hand-held Medium Autocannon...

Medium Autocannon (AA)


While intended for use against aircraft, the Medium Autocannon (AA) Anti-Aircraft style with its high rate of fire makes it a fierce some weapon against ground vehicles as well.  One hand-held Medium Autocannon (AA) style cast in pewter for u..

Medium Bazooka


One Medium Bazooka (MBZK) for use with 1/144 scale Heavy Gear miniatures...

Medium Flamer


Flame weapons are feared by all soldiers on the battlefield. Their effects can be unpredictable, but they ahve their uses for clearing infantry from dug-in positions and forcing vehicles to retreat.  Medium Flamer weapon part for use with Hea..

Medium Rifle


The Medium Rifle is commonly found on many of the larger recon Gears where accuracy is favored over volume of fire. One Medium Rifle for use with Heavy Gear Blitz 1/144 scale miniatures...

Medium Rocket Pack


Larger and more advanced Gears often mount a Medium Rocket Pack as a support weapon. One Medium Rocket Pack...

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