Lightning Strike Supplement 2: Call to Arms

Lightning Strike Supplement 2: Call to Arms
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"Tracer Three, this is JSS Bullroarer. Sorry about the delay. We had some ECM problems. We're in position, thirty klicks behind you and ready for telemetry link."

"Glad to hear it, Bullroarer," Kara muttered as her Intruder took another glancing hit. "That 'striker is less than a minute from our transport ships, so let's do this quick."

Taking a deep breath, Kara steadied her fighter's aim, keeping the Dragonstriker centered in her sights. Vulcan rounds tore through her hull, setting off bleating alarms, but Kara ignored them. Either way, this would all be over soon.

Over the alarms, a steady tone accompanied the calm, clipped voice from the Bullroarer, which said, "Target link locked. We have him. Shot's on the way."

Another vulcan burst sheared off most of Kara's fighter's rear hull, but it didn't matter anymore. Smiling, she leaned back in her seat, listening to the tone continue its unwavering song. She kept smiling as a twenty-kilogram metal slug, guided by her targeting signal, hurtled out of the distance and cored a fiery hole right through the Dragonstriker's chest.

As hostilities between the Jovian Confederation and CEGA continue, both nations mobilize their main fleets, bringing battleships and heavy carriers into the battlezones in the Belt and Martian space. In the bustling space of the inner solar system, the battles between the two great superpowers spill over into heavily-traveled trade lanes, unwillingly drawing merchants and neutral nations into the conflict.

Call to Arms is the second supplement for Lightning Strike, completing the space-based rules set with provisions for advanced ECM, minefields, unit variants and space stations. In addition to twenty-four new CEGA and Jovian units, vehicles used by the neutral Mercurian Merchant Guild are also presented. Within these covers you will find:

A copy of Lightning Strike, a few six-sided dice, pen and paper are required to use this supplement.

  • Full rules and datacards for fielding the exo-armors, fighters and warships of Jupiter, Earth and Mercury;
  • Advanced rules for new weapons, cargo and low orbit battles;
  • Two full-color counter sheets.

DP9-318, 32 pages +counters

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