Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1 (Color)

Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1 (Color)
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Three days have passed since Marabou, home of the Southern MILICIA, was obliterated by the CEF. Today, Earth forces descend on Terra Nova, blackening the skies, as thousands upon thousands of drop pods block the rays of Helios from reaching our planet.

People of Terra Nova, we stand on the precipice of destruction. They have come, uncaring, inhumane, and relentless. But they will be stopped.

For those who have died, for those who will die and those who will be opposed, we must fight back. We will prevail!

-Field Commander Miranda Petite in an address to Black Talon Forces, TN 27 Summer 1950

The next few days will decide the fate of the planet, and although few know it, the fate of the galaxy and of humankind rests on Terra Nova.

Shattered Peace - The War for Terra Nova Book 1 includes:

  • Stats and army information on the CEF's allies from Eden.
  • Stats and information on the CEFís Commando Frame Squads Schematics of the CEFís new Assault Lander and HHT-90 Overlord Hovertank. †
  • Big Map of Terra Nova with all the battle fronts shown.
  • Maps of each of the CEFís seven drop zones and space battle. †
  • Multiple scenarios based around the opening days of the Battle for Terra Nova †
  • Guidelines for linking Scenarios and running them as a mini campaign. †
  • Army, campaign and scenario sheets for home or campaign website use. †
  • Timeline Narratives set during the War for Terra Nova. †
  • Datacards for all vehicles presented in the book.

This Full-Color, 54-page book is a campaign supplement for the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded© Rulebook, and requires it as well as Black Talon: Return to Catís Eye for play. It also requires the use of six-sided dice and Dream Pod 9© Heavy Gear© miniatures. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

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