African Theater Book

African Theater Book
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The Theater books are the main tool for expanding the Gear Krieg game world. Each book details another part of the world and gives new scenarios and new technology to the players. They are built much along the same lines as the basic book, but they do not include the rules (purchase of the basic rulebook is required).

This first Theater book brings our alternate Second World War to the sandy wastelands of Africa. The influence of super-science is growing in the Gear Krieg world as all sides put their newest constructs into the field -- be prepared to see experimental Tiger tanks with wire-guided missiles and heavier combat walkers. We\'re also introducing two other factions, the Italian forces, which fought alongside the Germans, and Vichy France, whose Grognard-class super-heavy tanks defend the old colonial French territories still.

The African Theater Book includes:

  • Historical background for the conflict in Africa;
  • Tabletop rules for fighting in the harsh environment of Africa;
  • Ready-to-play desert scenarios;
  • Basic tables of organizations and equipment (TO&E) for the expeditionary forces of Germany, the British Commonwealth, the United States and Italy;
  • and scores of vehicles and variants.

DP9-502, 80 pages softcover

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