Heroes & Villains

Heroes & Villains
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Jack awoke to the cold shock of water on his face. His head spun as if he'd just had a night on the town and his vision was blurry. The raucous sounds of the Amazonian jungle were oddly muffled, but audible. He briefly took comfort in the fact that his ears were at least working properly - until he actually started to listen to what he was hearing.

"Good morning Herr Memphis," an all-too-familiar voice hissed from in front of him. "It is good to see that the drug's effects are finally wearing off. We were worried that you might remain unconscious and miss out on a demonstration of Doktor Hempell's latest scientific triumph..."

Daring heroes, brutal thugs and mastermind villains confront one another for the future of civilization as a world-wide war rages around them. This is the world of Gear Krieg, a roleplaying game of two-fisted pulp action from the creators of Heavy Gear, the Jovian Chronicles, and Tribe 8! This sourcebook features:

  • Extensive guidelines and tips for adventuring in the pulp-style Modern Age;
  • Design notes and suggested backgrounds for both heroic and villainous characters;
  • Dozens of data files on famous heroes, sidekicks, henchmen and villains;
  • A headquarter generator to provide both heroes and villains with proper housing;
  • New perks, flaws and superscience gadgets.

DP9-513, 96 pages softcover

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