Book of Legends

Book of Legends
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"There are many stories which are lost to us. How many people's lives have been forgotten and left to vanish into the folds of time? How many heroes and icons of our people have been tarnished or dishonored by the fact that we never knew their names? There are countless struggles happening every day that we never hear of, or are quick to forget."

-- Emulaan the Poet

The Book of Legends is a unique cycle supplement for Tribe 8, focusing on the Fallen's quest for a mythology to call their own. Half the book is a series of legends that alone show the struggles of the people of Vimary, and together warn of a grave danger coming their way.

The other half provides resources for using these and other legends in your own cycle and for turning them into a legendary saga. Resources include an overview of prominent storytellers, new characters, powerful artifacts and special locations. They also include dozens of story seeds. The Book of Legends tells the tales of:

  • The Ritual of Akasha: a Fallen's quest to recapture the past;
  • The Ring of Mahakala: a cursed artifact releases a vile Z'bri;
  • The Forgotten Fortress: a warped spiritual citadel left over from the darkest times of the Camps traps brave Fallen questers;
  • The Forsaken: in the wilds of the Outlands, four Crusaders abandoned by their Fatima struggle against despair and a dark evil;
  • And several more.

DP9-810, 64 pages, ISBN 1-896776-50-7

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