Vimary Burns

Vimary Burns
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"The Baron has lied to us! We did not triumph at Abonom. The Nomads' bitches continue to strengthen their herds while we fight amongst ourselves over our meager resources. All the while the 'Baron' sits in his little pleasure palace, feasting on the flesh of his new acquisitions!

"The Koleris shall no longer be meek little pups who chase the bones thrown by our master. We shall take back what is ours by the right of the Hunt! The Tribes shall once again tremble in their homes as we take what we please when we please. Together we shall crush the Tribes and slake our thirst on their blood and the flesh of their dear goddesses. Prepare your prides, my siblings, for we shall march soon!"

-- Lord Marenk of Koleris

Vimary Burns is an adventure book that will radically change the face of the T8 world. Enraged by the actions of the warriors of the nation, the Houses of the Z'bri let loose a terrible vengeance on humanity, breaking free from the restraint that had been imposed upon them. Caught between the Tribes who rejected them and the beasts who are intent on destroying them, the Eighth Tribe must make a choice that will change their world forever.

Vimary Burns tells the story of the Z'bri retribution against the islands of the Nation. Angered at the destruction of the Pact of the Dome, conspirators against the Baron begin a cleansing of Vimary. Two armies march upon a divided Nation and the Eighth Tribe may be their only hope for survival.

The book features:

  • Six interwoven tales detailing the events leading up to, including and after the Burning of Vimary;
  • Plenty of tips and advice for weaving the events of Vimary Burns into your current cycle;
  • New NPCs and templates to be used with any Cycle;
  • A look at the key agendas and conspiracies of the major players both within Vimary and beyond;
  • And much more!

DP9-816, 64 pages

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