Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye

Storyline Book 3: Return to Cat's Eye
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"We thought we had seen it all. We thought we had suffered enough, and that the future would get better, not worse. We could not have been more wrong. From this time on, we would have to face not only ourselves but our long-lost siblings, and somehow find a way to survive and prosper together again.

"It is safe and nice, hiding under the bedsheets. But one cannot ignore the outside world forever."

- Nicosa Renault


The cataclysmic destruction of a Terranovan city-state has brought the Interpolar War to an abrupt halt. Intelligence agents work tirelessly to find who had access to mass-destruction weaponry and dared used it, while others seek to manipulate the situation to their advantage. The sudden arrival of a visitor from one of Earth's lost colonies may have brought the missing element to solve the mystery, but it comes at a terrible cost. Now the Terranovans know that the fascist government of the New Earth Commonwealth is once again active, and drastic measures will have to be taken to guarantee the future and continued safety of their fledging world.


Return to Cat's Eye, the third Heavy Gear Storyline Book, is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Crisis of Faith and Blood on the Wind. It traces the cataclysmic events on the world of Terra Nova, the setting of Heavy Gear, through a collection of journals, articles and conversations. Master spy Nicosa Renault searches through her mighty records in search of explanations for the world-shaking events, and the reader follows her inquiries. Return to Cat's Eye also features a useful appendix with a full time-line of events, advice for Heavy Gear players and profiles of important characters.

80 pages

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