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Northern Task Force with Add-On Options
The Northern Task Force includes 16 pewter miniatures in 4 Squads (General Purpose, Strike..
US$146.96 US$132.26
Southern Task Force with Add-On Options
The Southern Task Force includes 16 pewter miniatures in 4 Squads (General Purpose, Strike..
US$146.96 US$132.26
Peace River Task Force with Add-On Options
The Peace River Task Force includes 16 pewter miniatures in 4 Squads (General Purpose..
US$146.96 US$132.26
The Stinger is a Camel Truck with large air-burst missile launcher mounted on the flatbed for the No..
US$15.99 US$14.99
NuCoal Task Force with Add-On Options
The NuCoal Task Force includes 16 pewter miniatures in 4 Squads (General Purpose, Str..
US$148.96 US$134.06
Lightning Strike Rulebook 2nd Edition
Lightning Strike is a game of tactical fleet combat set in the universe of the Jovian Chronicles, si..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Northern G.P. Squad (4 minis: 2x Hunter, 2x Tiger)
This new Northern G.P. (General Purpose) Squad is compatible with upcoming New Edition of ..
US$35.99 US$31.99
Lightning Strike Companion
The Lightning Strike Companion is a supplement for the Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike game, comp..
US$19.99 US$17.99
Southern G.P. Squad (4 minis: 2x Jager, 2x Sidewinder)
This new Southern G.P. (General Purpose) Squad is compatible with upcoming New Edition of ..
US$35.99 US$31.99
Lightning Strike Supplement 1: Venus
Most of the Solar System laughs at Venus' army. They think the corporations lack backbone, that the ..
US$15.99 US$14.39
NuCoal G.P. Squad (4 minis: 2x Chasseur, 2x Chasseur Mk2)
This new NuCoal G.P. (General Purpose) Squad is compatible with upcoming New Edition of He..
US$35.99 US$33.99
Lightning Strike Supplement 2: Call to Arms
"Tracer Three, this is JSS Bullroarer. Sorry about the delay. We had some ECM problems. We're in pos..
US$15.99 US$14.39
Peace River G.P. Squad (4 minis: 4x Warrior)
This new Peace River G.P. (General Purpose) Squad (using the new sculpts of the Warrior released lat..
US$35.99 US$31.99
Northern Infantry Platoon
This Pack contains 40 Northern Infantry miniatures (New Sculpts) and 12 hex bases for the Northern f..
US$23.99 US$22.49
Northern Special Infantry Pack
The Northern Special Infantry Pack includes 12 of the (New Sculpts) Special Infantry minis (2 o..
US$9.99 US$9.49
Sidewinder Single Pack
The Sidewinder is now available as a single pack with added weapons to create the variants found in ..
US$12.99 US$10.99
Heavy Gear Badlands Rally
Rally racing with Gears! This expandable board game features fast paced, full contact racing set on ..
US$49.99 US$44.99
Heavy Gear Fleet Scale Collectors Package (Online Exclusive)
We have had a few requests from customers asking if its possible to get just one set of all the Heav..
US$129.99 US$109.99
Utopian Task Force with Add-On Options
Utopian Colonial Task Force armies are designed around the concept of drone usage and versatility. U..
US$105.95 US$95.35
Verder Self-Propelled Artillery Tank
This kit consists of one Verder Self-Propelled Artillery Tank in resin with a few metal parts. The V..
US$29.99 US$28.99
Tiger Single Pack
The Tiger is now available as a single pack with added weapons. This pack includes one random-pos..
US$12.99 US$10.99
Tiger Two Pack
2 Tiger minaitures with MAC and MRP/9 stock weapons, plus Head and Satuplink to make a Command ..
US$20.99 US$17.99
Greyhound Single Pack (New Sculpt)
One P.R.D.F. Greyhound miniature (running or standing random pose) with hex base and weapons.  ..
US$11.99 US$9.99
Hoplite APC Custom Pack (New Sculpt)
1 of the new sculpt PRDF Hoplite APC with new look to transport 2 squads of infantry around the batt..
US$26.99 US$24.99
Warrior Single Pack (New Sculpt)
This new sculpt gives the Warrior a new and more faction defining look. It also includes the command..
US$11.99 US$9.99
Welcome to Dream Pod 9 Online Store

Dream Pod 9 Summer Sale 2018 is Now On!

Dream Pod 9’s annual Online Store Summer Sale for 2018 is now on and will run until the end of Summer at Midnight EST September 22nd, 2018. We have sale specials on Heavy Gear Blitz and Jovian Wars starters and faction armies, plus great Bonus Gifts you can choose for larger orders.

Order Sub-Total in $USD (before any shipping & taxes) shown below gives the $USD of Bonus Gifts you can select:

$50.00 to $99.99 USD order gets you $7 in Bonus Gifts.
$100.00 to $199.99 USD order gets you $20 in Bonus Gifts.
$200.00 to $299.99 USD order gets you $45 in Bonus Gifts.
$300.00 USD or more order gets you $70 in Bonus Gifts.
Every $100 USD over the $300 USD order gets you an extra $30 in Bonus Gifts.

To get the Bonus Gifts, include the list of items in the Comments Section of the order at checkout. Do not include them in the actual order, as the online store will automatically charge the Gifts.

Just starting out with Heavy Gear Blitz Tabletop Wargame pick up our Two Player Starter Box which includes Northern plastic miniatures and Southern plastic miniatures armies (total of 30 minis) and a copy of the full color HGB Quick Start Rulebook (normally $89.99 USD SRP, sale price $84.99 USD). Or maybe a Northern, Southern, C.E.F., or Caprice plastic miniatures army box (normally $59.99 USD SRP each, sale price $54.99 USD each). And our printed full color Heavy Gear Blitz Quick Start Rulebook (normally $19.99 USD SRP, sale price $14.99 USD). Plus our resin Striders are on special with at least 10% off their SRP. Striders include the Scimitar, Mammoth, and Thunderhammer for the North. The Drake, Naga (walker mode), Naga (roller mode), Sagittarius, Dragon, and Hydra for the South. The Cataphract, Redbull, Coyote (walker mode), and Coyote (tank mode) for Peace River. The Hussar (walker mode) and Hussar (tank mode) for NuCoal. And for our C.E.F. players we have all the resin Hovertanks on special, including the massive HHT-90, HT-68, HT-72, LHT-67, and LHT-71 models. And for our Caprice players we have the resin Moab Mount on special. If you need a little bit to get your order to the next Bonus Gift level, remember that we have individual weapon parts for sale as well.

If your up for Space Battles, checkout our Jovian Wars Tabletop Wargame and pickup a CEGA Faction Starter Force (normally $107.95 USD SRP, sale price $102.99 USD) or a Jovian Faction Starter Force (normally $107.95 USD SRP, sale price $102.99 USD). And if you need a little bit to get your order to the next Bonus Gift level, remember that we have lots more Spaceships, weapons, and parts for sale to upgrade the ships.

Wonder what you can get at the lowest Bonus Gifts level, a $7 USD gift could be used to select one of our HGB or JW Faction Decal packs for ($6.99 USD value), terrain bases, or a couple of weapon parts. Higher levels could be used to get Single Pack Blisters, Two Pack Blisters, or some of our Badlands Terrain Buildings to make your own gaming table.

Peace River, NuCoal, & Utopia Core Plastic Miniatures Extra Funding Campaign is Live!


DP9's Extra Funding Campaign for our Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures is now live on the DP9 Pledge Manager website. Our Kickstarter raised over $40K CAD, unlocking our initial funding goal and numerous stretch goals, but not the $50K CAD goal we really wanted to reach. Hence our Extra Funding Campaign, please support Dream Pod 9 as an Outside Backer and pickup a new plastic miniatures army for Peace River, NuCoal, and/or Utopia at $70 CAD each, or one of our other great Backer reward level deals and maybe a few Add-Ons as well. The pledge total will be updated on DP9's www.dp9.com website.

Login and create your pledge manager account, select your reward level and any add-ons and then checkout paying your pledge and fixed shipping cost. Backer reward packages are expected to start shipping in early 2019.


Jovian Wars Starter Forces Available!


Jovian Wars Spaceship Miniatures Now Available!

New Jovian Wars ships and parts have been added to the online store, which now include the Ch'in, Hydra, Detroit, Narwal, Hammerhead, Constantinople, Birmingham, Appalachian, Charon, Icarus, and remastered Poseidon, Hachiman, Tengu, Uller, & Bricriu ships for the CEGA faction and the Corsair, Intrepid, Forge, Ypres, Alexander, Majestic, Gagarin, Lennox, and remastered Valiant, Athena, Godsfire, Javelin, & Thunderbolt ships for the Jovian faction. Plus complete collection of CEGA and Jovian Exo-Armor & Fighter squads, Click the images above to visit the Jovian Wars Spaceships, Exo-Armors, and Figher Squad Online Store Section and pick up some great ships for Christmas. You can also click here to download our free Jovian Wars Beta Rules ebook hosted on DriveThruRPG and check it out. More ships for both factions will be released just before Xmas and we are planning another Kickstarter in Fall 2018 to make all the Venus faction ships. 


Dream Pod 9 Online Store Pod Reward Points

Also remember our Pod Reward Points (Customer Loyalty Reward Points) you'll receive for items purchased on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store, that you can use on your next orders. As a guideline, you will receive 1 point for every $5 to $10 of an item's value, items under $5 don't receive reward points. An order of a $5 to $14.99 product would give 1 reward point, a $15 to $24.99 product would give 2 reward points and so on. The reward points can be used on your next order to reduce the cost of products ordered and/or get them free, depending on the numbers of reward points used. 

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